“Cultural Warning”
Sign knocked down by Tropical Storm Lee flood waters.
Fiddler’s Elbow Road, Hummelstown, PA
Thursday, September 15, 2011

iPhone 4 Camera, Hipstamatic

I came upon this sign near the bridge with the house roof sitting on it as posted on Day 211.  This is also not far from where an 87-year-old man was found yesterday, a week after the flood, drowned in his car in the woods near the river.  Apparently, he went missing before the flash floods hit and tragically plunged into the muddy, raging waters that engulfed his car and carried him down river.  Such a horrifying ending to an elder’s life.  One can only imagine his terror as he became disoriented by the torrential storm.  Imagining anything beyond that is almost too much for the human soul to endure.

But the frailty of an octogenarian, along with this fallen sign emblazoned with “WATCH CHILDREN”, are a reminder to us all to care for the innocents, the less able, the weaker members of our world.  When the tempests of Politics, Race, Religion, and Nature surge the shores of humanity, it’s easy to forget those at both ends of the age spectrum and run for higher ground.  Let’s continue to remind ourselves what true love and care looks like.