Day 236 – “Kings Of The Earth – Steve Jobs”
The Day After Steve Jobs Died
The Old Post Office Pavilion
Pennsylvania Ave. NW & 12th Street NW
Washington, D.C.
Thursday, October 6, 2011

iPhone 4 Camera, Hipstamatic

Steve Jobs, guru of Apple, arguably the world’s most valuable and influential brand, died yesterday at age 56.  It actually took my breath away when I heard the news.  Such a technological pioneer.  Such a young life.  So much more to give and to live.

His inspiration for the iPhone camera, which inspired numerous photo apps, is the only reason I decided to dedicate a year to shoot my 365 Day iPhone Photography Project.  Although the images are relatively low-resolution, the ability to produce startling and stunning artistic impressions is astonishing.  And I instinctively knew the masses would soon be inspired to be creative with the inexpensive, simple tool in their hand: a cell phone camera.

I heard a quote on the radio today from Steve Jobs that suggested that after all his success and billions in estimated financial net worth, he came to the conclusion that none of the technology he created ever really changed people’s lives.  But the birth of a child does.  He also said death may be life’s greatest gift because it clears out the old to make way for the new.  It reminded me of King Solomon’s declaration after acquiring the greatest wealth of the world and being considered the wisest of all: “the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it… Vanity of vanities… all is vanity.”  Both men were world changers.  Both men experienced anything and everything their hearts desired. Both men built castles and empires of unimaginable wealth.  And both men concluded that their greatest achievements were not what the world valued.  Their greatest achievements were relationships.  For Steve Jobs it appeared to be his relationship with his family.  With Solomon, God.

I don’t know much about Steve’s personal life, but I am grateful for his productive and creative life well-lived.  He appears to have fulfilled his calling and destiny for this generation, productivity-wise, and I am inspired to continue to pursue and fulfill my own.