“Of Stars and Fireflies”
Kevyn Bashore’s 365 Day iPhone Photo of the Day
Hershey Convention Center
Herhsey, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iPhone 4s Camera – Snapseed

The photograph I shot tonight reminded me of an article I wrote many years ago about an experience I had while standing in a meadow at twilight on a cool summer’s eve.  It’s a bit melodramatic and sentimental, but it fits with the celebration of the Christmas season.

“Last summer, during a calm, twilit eve, I stood in a meadow greeting fireflies as they awakened to herald in the night. Like tiny flickering stars, they sprinkled the hill with stardust, joining an earthly landscape with a celestial canopy above.

Gradually, I noticed that every time the fireflies pulsed with light–they would simultaneously lift upwards, as if their momentary glow propelled them skyward. At times, a cluster of fireflies sparked at the very same moment and rose in unison, as if to a choreographed dance of fire. What treasure of darkness was hidden in this mystery? I watched and listened to the silent dance of the rising of fireflies.

As the twilight faded and the constellations of fireflies drifted and flickered across a nearby hill, I marveled as I sensed the Spirit speaking to me through these ephemeral creatures. As sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, we are granted the Spirit of His son, Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the world, to live within us. We carry within our hearts His light, a torch, for all the world to see. And as the twilight of earth’s final hour approaches, and the darkness of the world becomes darker, His light in us becomes brighter still. Our every act of faith, obedience, and love becomes a glow of hope in our hearts which propels our spirits heavenward.

This torch within us gleams as a testimony before men and angels, answering, as it were, a call from the light radiating from the saints who have gone before us, which shines down from heaven, drawing us onward, upward, further up, and farther in, until the day we join them, the great cloud of witnesses, becoming a burning multitude of celestial stars: priceless trophies of God’s grace and glory.”