“Farther Up And Further In”
Kevyn Bashore’s 365 Day iPhone Photo of the Day
Warrenton, Virginia
Thursday, January 19, 2011

iPhone 4s Camera – olloclip – Photo Toaster – Dynamic Light

We all are born dreamers.  Researchers have found that if people are kept from falling into deep sleep for three days, they will begin to lose their sanity.  Having a story to tell is at the core of our human existence.  So even when we sleep–we must live out stories in some way or another.  And so even in our waking hours we all dream of a destiny where everything is perfect: where we are the hero, where evil, pain, and suffering are conquered, and we live happily ever after in a kingdom rich in beauty, wealth, friendship, and love.  But most of us have a nagging feeling that our dreams will never come true.  And many give up dreaming altogether, sending them into a state of spiritual insanity: where calling, passion, destiny, love, and life are lost to depression and stagnation.  But no one knows what gateway is just around the corner that will lead them “further up and father in” to their expanse of liberty, freedom, and destiny. And many times all it takes is choosing to step forward one step at a time in the thing that is directly in front of us.

Here’s to a belief that 2012 can–and will be–the most fulfilling year ever–and the least of all those yet to come!