Kevyn Bashore is owner of Eaglestone Mountain LLC, which is a media production company.  As a writer/producer/director, Kevyn has won awards for his work in photography, songwriting, and video/film production and commercial work.  Kevyn earned an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts from Harrisburg Area Community College, a B. A. in Radio-Television-Film from Temple University, with a minor in creative writing, and a M.A. in Communications from Regent University.  He also studied philosophy and theology at L’Abri Fellowship in England, and screenwriting with Bart Gavigan in London, Guy Magar in Philadelphia, and ACT ONE in Hollywood.  Keyvn also enjoyed the distinct privilege of being the head landscaper for the renovation of the C. S. Lewis house near Oxford, England.  He also wrote and performed one of the theme songs for the 1998 C. S. Lewis Centennial Celebration in Oxford and Cambridge. As a teacher, speaker, and adjunct instructor, Kevyn has taught creative arts workshops, screenwriting seminars, and college humanities classes in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, and Sofia, Bulgaria.  Currently, Kevyn is also a videographer for Getty Images and iStock Video.  Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Mountains in south central Pennsylvania, Kevyn enjoys building rock sculptures in streams and running on deer trails.  He ran his first barefoot adventure race in June 2011.  And he enjoys eating half a grapefruit before breakfast each morning.