Beginning February 12, 2011

In 1997, Jim Brandenburg, a National Geographic photographer, limited himself to shoot one photograph a day for 90 days. The result was published in a book titled “Chased by the Light: A 90 Day Journey”. Ever since purchasing that book over a decade ago, I was intrigued by the challenge of doing what he did. Then today I ran across someone doing just that and publishing their results on FB. So, I decided to join in. I won’t limit myself to shooting only one shot a day, since my work and profession won’t allow that, but I’ll shoot every day for the next year and choose one shot per day to publish here on FB in a photo essay. Let’s see how far I can take this…

As a professional filmmaker/photographer, my purpose for this project is to use an unprofessional tool which is in the hands of the masses (an iPhone 4 camera), along with inexpensive iPhone applications (like the Hipstamatic and Plastic Bullet Camera Apps), to push myself and my creative boundaries, using limited means and resources, to produce interesting, provocative, inspirational and beautiful Art.  I want to rediscover the world around me and encourage others to do the same.  Every day we are surrounded by moments of beauty and transcendence that we easily miss if we don’t consciously choose to stop and take notice.  Choosing to shoot a photo of the opportunistic moment is a way to commit to being more observant and creative on a daily basis.  And as the year progresses, I hope to inspire family, friends and those I meet along the way, to use whatever simple tool that is in their hands to inspire their own creativity.  And each day I will also journal my thoughts and observations about each photo.  This will include commentaries, historical essays, personal reflections and fiction writings.

At the end of the year, I hope to publish all 365 photographs in a book, along with the writings I blogged along the way.  Keep watching for prints from the project for sale at my on-line store.

Thanks to everyone who is participating in, and adding to, my journey along the way.  Let’s be inspired together!

(Note: All work is copyrighted. So please respect the usual regulations for no printing or publishing the photographs without permission. Thanks!)